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Floor Rail Digital Radiography System

The amrad™ medical frs system is a multi-purpose, single-receptor radiographic system designed for ambulatory facilities with minimal space requirements. the frs has a traditional floor mounted tubestand which means no learning curve for the technologist.
The floor mounted radiographic system is a compact system with a 4 way or 6 way floating table and a tube stand. it allows, with an absolute mobility and friendly-use, the obtaining of x-rays from any part of the body in any position of the patient, with vertical, horizontal and angled projections.
Fdr smart x is fujifilm's newly developed x-ray system, providing multi-function, high-quality, cost-effective x-ray solutions. the smart x offers ceiling suspended x-ray tube configurations as well as a floor mounted x-ray tube option for use with the upright stand and table, providing flexible solutions for your imaging department.
Digital radiography systems from siemens healthineers are as individual as your x-ray routine, cover virtually all clinical applications, and offer you workflow optimization, imaging excellence, and investment confidence.

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