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Good price for C arm digital x ray system in New York

Ysenmed manufactures and sales medical x-ray machine to many countries in good prices through the pass 14 years. hot sale items like digital x ray machine, digital x ray detector, portable x-ray machine, mobile x-ray machine, c-arm, mammography machine, ct scanner, mri etc are in high cost-effective.
Find the part you need now. call us at block imaging 877-621-2887. replacement parts for all of your imaging equipment: c-arm, ct, mri, x-ray, mammography, bone densitometry. 30,000 parts in
Average cost. a package like the one you saw in the video includes: • portable x-ray unit • 14" x 17" digital detector • laptop workstation • 3-year warranty coverage average cost: $50,000$60,000 the takeaway. regardless of your patient volume, your portability needs, or your budget, there is an x-ray option for you.
The system is designed to constantly maintain alignment between the x-ray tube and the digital x ray detector, regardless of the angle of the digital image receptor or the u-arm tilt positions. the ease of use facilitates a more confident diagnosis.

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