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However, before purchasing either a new x-ray machine or a new digital sensor and software system, one should verify that the x-ray machine is capable of short enough exposure times for the digital equipment. older x-ray machines cannot be used with digital sensors because most digital systems require exposure settings as low as 0.02 second for ...
< basic physics of digital radiography jump to navigation jump to search a quiz on x-ray production & their interactions with matter is available below for those who wish to test their knowledge and understanding of these topics.
Oct 14, 2006 · digital x ray imaging has brought obvious benefits to health care, but, as with all new technologies, it both requires and leads to changes in behaviour and processes, some obvious and some less so.the issues include cost and productivity, the need to acquire new skills, radiation doses, overuse, and image quality. moreover, some of the ethical and legal issues surrounding
The new 35 x 43 cm x-ray detectors are designed to fit perfectly into the bucky tray of existing x-ray units. direct radiography systems have very high throughput rates for x-ray processing. choose the digital x-ray system (dr) that meets your needs:

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