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Bucky stand of stationary x ray system

Dr x-ray bucky stand for medical high frequency x ray machine double beds, double tubes, one machine dual use, can be used for photography diagnostic frame, also can be used for fluoroscopy, greatly reducing hospital costs.
Fy-ls strong quality medical equipment vertical bucky stand use: fy-ls vertical bucky sand, which bucky grid oced up and down, is a photograph device, it can be used as a photograph auxiliary device medical x-ray machine of our company or others. it can photograph including bresst, belly,joint,the foor limbs so on.
Newheek x ray bucky chest stand offers solutions for all the diagnostic imaging needs of hospitals, clinics and private practices.it is suited for thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvic exposure. the extended vertical travel track allows for skull examination of tall
Txr 32kw stationary x-ray this system includes a four way float top table, rotate tubestand, wall stand and 32kw high frequency generator. can be combined with the dr solution best fit for your practice. frequency generator, consists of: shf 310ap 400 ma, 125 kvp, 500 mas high frequency generator, 1-phase 208/240 vac. 400 ma, 125 kvp (400 ma ...

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