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X-ray,xray,x ray tenders global tenders global medical tenders international tenders goverment public tenders : global medical tenders, global tender notifications, international competitive bids, contracts, rfps, rfqs.
Tenders are evaluated by awarding points based on pre-published criteria, with each category worth a certain amount; for example the price offered may be worth 40%, technical characteristics 50% and environmental impact 10%. the evaluation of tenders may only begin after the deadline for submission has expired. awarding the contract.
Request for tender t12-19/20: provision of routine and reactive air-conditioning related services. shire of wyndham east kimberley. 06/mar/20 02:00 pm (utc+08:00) perth time. provision of banking and bill payment services. snowy monaro regional council. 13/mar/20 02:00 pm (utc+10:00) canberra, melbourne, sydney time.
The company operates in a single segment, which develops, manufactures, markets and conducts technical servicing of medical equipment, including diagnostic x-ray, medical x-ray ct, mri, diagnostic ultrasound, radiation therapy and diagnostic nuclear medicine systems, as well as medical sample testing equipment and information systems for medical equipment.

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