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Source-ray sr-130 portable x-ray system the source-ray sr-130 portable x-ray system is a lightweight, high powered unit. ... and equipment restoration. here at jaken medical, we have successfully refurbished many types of medical devices, from electrocardiographs, ultrasounds, even stress test systems. our team is ready to help you find the ...
Visaris is a privately owned company founded in 2003 in the field of digital x-ray imaging and diagnostic workflow. we offer a range of digital x-ray systems including digital radiography (dr) consoles and complete dr rooms as well as fully integrated
Test equipment distributors (ted) recognizes the trust you place in us as a premier provider of ndt equipment, accessories, supplies, service, and repairs. our six locations across the u.s. are currently operating under normal business hours (8am – 5pm in their respective time zones, monday through friday) amid the coronavirus (covid-19 ...
Bookholt and associates supplies and manufacturer x-ray diffraction units and shielded enclosures for seifert, philips, delta and secasi units. we are experts with the knowledge and contacts to connect you with the right r x-ray diffraction of equipment at the right price with the expertise to stand behind the equipment we sell.

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