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Apr 15, 2020 · chest x-ray diagnosis to rule out normal exams using the company’s technology could lead to an estimated £100m in cost savings to the nhs per year london, uk, april 15, 2020 – behold.ai has ...
A chest x-ray may be done after colorectal cancer has been diagnosed to see if cancer has spread to the lungs. ... how can a chest x-ray help find the spread of colorectal cancer? dr. vincent t devita jr. ... newyork-presbyterian hospital.
In another case, hackers installed malware on x-ray equipment that they then used to move throughout the hospital network. in fact, while the risk to patients using implanted devices is real, most agree that the main danger now is the potential for hackers to use medical equipment as a means of entry to hospital networks.
Cancers not visual on a routine chest x-ray can be detected by a quick 10-second cat scan of the chest. lung cancer is the number one cancer killer and early detection is key to a cure. dr. may is a board certified diagnostic radiologist with desert medical imaging and can be reached at (760) 776.8989 or www.desertmedicalimaging. com.

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