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Customized DR x ray machine maker

The proteus xr/f digital radiography system lets you image any patient who comes in the door – economically, with confidence and clarity. helix™ advanced image processing. helping you make the first image count. first impressions matter in diagnostic imaging. that’s why ge healthcare is committed to developi...
The worlds best custom x-ray marker manufacturer. we offer student x-ray markers, radgrips x-ray marker adhesive, marker parkers marker holder, and radiology accessories like radgrips, technique chart pen, custom shape xray markers
Oem customized ray machine – x-rayflat bed dr digital x ray imaging radiography equipment system – hd medical detail: * realize clinical radiography without dead angle.high level radiography flat bed, bed panel can lift up and down, or float to four directions.80kw/1000ma * high-power super ultrasonic frequency,high voltage generator.
Oem customized portable x-ray machinekpet dr3500 veterinary pet animal digital radiography x ray imaging system – hd medical detail: standard design of bed surface with a wider range of application is suitable for inspections for all small, medium and large animals.

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