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Philips healthcare is one of the world’s leading medical device companies. it manufactures and markets a broad range of diagnostic imaging systems, healthcare it solutions, and patient monitoring and cardiac devices.
Like conventional x-ray, ct depends on measuring the amount of energy absorbed by tissues placed in front of an x-ray tube emitting high-energy photons, in order to produce an image. x-ray photons are attenuated by atoms in tissue, leading to the emission of an electron. x-rays are therefore a form of ionizing radiation.
The intensified x-ray beam because the light produces a halo effect at the edge of the image field. green-sensitive: this type of film is used with cassettes that have rare earth intensifying screens. blue-sensitive: this type of film is used with cassettes that
Conventional x-ray angiography techniques are capable of imaging interventional devices in real-time. they are also able to provide information about the chambers of the heart and vessel lumen, via the use of contrast agents.

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