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X-ray beam collimation for radiography and fluoroscopy projection imaging is important for patient dose and image quality reasons. actively collimating to the volume of interest reduces the overall integral dose to the patient and thus minimizes the radiation risk. less volume irradiated will result in less x-ray scatter incident on the detector.
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The lumbar spine lateral view images the l umbar spine which consists of five vertebrae. it is utilized in many imaging contexts including trauma, postoperatively, and for chronic conditions. in the lateral decubitus position, position the patient so that the humeri are extended 90 degrees to the thorax, with the elbows flexed so that the ...
Digital radiography provides so many advantages over conventional film that it’s easy to see why practices are making the transition to digital dental x-ray systems in waves. it’s telling that dentists without digital x-ray imaging who plan to sell their dental practices are finding it difficult, at best.

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