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wholesale x ray system for public tender in New York

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These x-ray dealers offer the latest in cr systems, dr systems, pacs, x-ray laser printers, x-ray supplies and much more. if digital x-ray is not for you these dealers also offer the best pricing on x-ray film, x-ray chemistry, x-ray processors and xray equipment.
Sep 30, 2014 · ct gantry external view • niranjan ultrasound india pvt.ltd 7. niranjan ultrasound india pvt.ltd x-ray tube two type are: 1)oil cooled fixed anode line. 2)rotating anode air cooled pulsed x-ray source. 8. niranjan ultrasound india pvt.ltd 9. niranjan ultrasound india pvt.ltd detector • mostly used xenon gas ionized detector. 10.
X ray control 2 4. x ray table 1 5. weighing scale 2 6. suction machine 2 7. metal box 1 8. space heater 1 9. metal b cabinet 7 10. tv 2 11. x-ray mount 1 12. surgical diathermy 1 13. film processor 1 14. cooler box 1 15. autoclave 2 16. computer 1 17. monitor 1 18. x-ray viewer 1 19.

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