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Guangzhou yueshen medical equipment co., ltd. yueshen medical equipment limited hereinafter referred to as yuesen med or ysenmed. ysenmed is a professional medical equipment company from china, compounded with the r& d and sale of medical equipment, is a leading supplier of medical equipment, especially in the field of medical x-ray machine. . headquartered in
Apr 14, 2014 · in fact, the effects of x-ray processing are very similar to those associated with e-beam sterilization. the combination of shorter exposure times and improved dur enables customers to use x-ray sterilization technology for medical device products that are currently treated using such processes as ethylene oxide (eto).

Jul 05, 2018 · to break down the components of a handheld x-ray unit, there is a fixed beam, x-ray focal spot, protective shielding, and a backscatter radiation shield. the backscatter radiation shield is probably the most important part of the unit when it comes to radiation safety.

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