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As the authorized distributor and systems integrator for leading manufacturers and with our nationwide team of service engineers, proximus medical is your local x-ray system and service provider. view as grid list
X-ray machines for sale. new and used x-ray machines are for sale at the dr’s toy store. buy x-ray machines now for the best prices. what is an x-ray machine? an x-ray machine provides a controlled beam of radiation that is used in the formation of an image of the interior of the body. this beam is directed at the area to be tested.
Pricelist for analog x-ray machinemobile dr digital x ray imaging radiography device system – hd medical detail: * super power 20kw and 32kw high frequency high voltage generator,super performance without wrong trigger ,high sensitive touch screen
Kodak t-mat g 6" x 12" panoramic tmg-15 x-ray film (15 x 30 cm) box of 50 dental $89.00 dental portable x-ray film processor developer darkroom box manual sr-x09a

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