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Customized medical machine x ray unit in New York

Atlantis worldwide offers used & refurbished medical imaging equipment to fit your budget. look at our wide range of refurbished medical equipment like mri, c-arms, ct scanner, etc. ... refurbished radiology systems in stock are mri machines, used x-ray, c-arms, ct scanners and pet/ct. 125 park ave new york ny 10007. call today 1-800-533-3356 ...
Price gouging laws in new york state and new york city do not apply to state and city purchases, such as the $248,881 x-ray machine. while x-rays
If you have closed your office or no longer using the x-ray equipment that is registered with us we need to know the status of the equipment. please complete the “disposition of x-ray equipment” form and return the completed form to our office or by faxing it to (518) 402-7575.
Since 1983, york x-ray and orthopedic supply, inc. has been providing the best service and supplies to health care professionals across the united states, and we want to earn your business.

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