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analogue panoramic dental x ray system

Information about the snomed ct code 701362002 representing mobile panoramic dental x-ray system, analog.
We are the x-ray experts that specialize in digital x-ray for radiology. we have solutions for all types of budgets and clinical applications. we have a wide range of products that work in hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology departments. we offer nationwide support and in-house financing for all of our digital x-
How to turn your analog x-ray equipment into a digital x-ray system. sep 29, 2011 5:31:00 pm. computed radiography (cr) is a way to scan your patients with your current analog x-ray system and also get all the benefits of having the image in a digital format.
Direct imaging involves either purchasing a digital x-ray or upgrading your current film-based x-ray to a digital x-ray if you are using a panoramic unit, or purchasing digital sensors if you are using a periapical unit. if you want to convert your film-based pano unit to a digital unit, you will need to purchase a digital sensor converter.

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