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Mobile 40kw flex plus digital x-ray system. this portable x-ray system incorporates a telescopic column for safe and easy transport and effortless positioning. its small width makes it ideal for restricted spaces and corridors. perfect for hospitals, clinics, and university medical centers, it offers mobility and power-saving advantages.
For your first steps into the digital world of radiography or to expand your current digital environment, we have the portfolio of advanced digital x-ray equipment to offer you the right system. dr systems from siemens fulfill your clinical
Today, x-ray images are captured digitally allowing physicians to ‘read’ the images on computer screens within minutes. this advancement dramatically enhances the ability of emergency room personnel to respond to a patient needs. depending on the situation, the emergency room physicians may order x-rays for a patient with a medical emergency.
Jan 10, 2020 · portable x-ray systems. portables are just that, mobile x-ray units that can move between rooms for basic studies. it seems like every facility has one laying around in their back room or tucked away in a broom closet but, for your next purchase project, should you buy one? a portable can be a great first step into the x-ray world. consider starting with one of these

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