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service for U Arm digital x ray device in New York

American digital's certified engineers have been servicing doctors, veterinarians, medical centers and hospitals for over 30 years. for the past 10 years, we have been bringing physician-based practices access to hospital grade cr / dr technology. we sell, service and repair x-ray, cr, dr systems and automatic developers.
Perform efficient digital radiography exams from almost anywhere in an exam room with the versatile otc system. highly automated and driven by customizable software, the system features a ceiling-mounted x-ray tube that moves about the room to treat patients while lying down, sitting or standing, including those in a wheelchair or gurney.
X-ray cable solutions for x-ray devices, fluoroscopes and c-arm systems from space-saving digital x-ray devices for medical practices and multifunctional fluoroscopy to universal mobile and stationary c-arm systems for hospitals: the properties of
The invention relates to an x-ray device which includes a c-arm ( 12 ) carrying an x-ray source ( 2 ) and an x-ray detector ( 3 ), and includes a suspension device ( 14 ) with a joint ( 13 ), the x-ray source ( 2 ) and the x-ray detector ( 3 ) being rotatable about a propeller axis (z 4 ) which extends through the joint ( 13 ). in order to enable flexible movements in such an x-ray device ...

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