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best U Arm digital x ray system in New York

With digital radiography systems that reflect a sensible marriage of function and fiscal responsibility, your patients benefit from fast and smooth examinations. your facility benefits from a reputation for quality, by offering reliable imaging services based on philips proven technology. request contact. request contact. contact information.
Automatic and motorized, clouddr maintains constant alignment between the x-ray and the imaging receptor, while providing for nearly limitless flexibility to position patients for standing, sitting, horizontal, weight-bearing, and off-axis-angle projections.
The uarm is a fully motorized radiographic system designed to automate the imaging process with pre-programmed positioning and full generator integration that can be conveniently controlled from its technologist-friendly touchscreen console.
The ergonomic handles of the u-arm x-ray system allow the device to be moved and turned safely with only one hand. with the stand, a maximum central beam height of 170 cm and a minimum of 27 cm above the ground can be approached.

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