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Request pdf health care costs of occupational disease: analysis of a patient series at a public hospital the consistent under-recognition of occupational diseases (od) in spain leads to an ...
The occupational burden was then combined with costs for each disease. adjustments were made for unique inpatient and outpatient costs. results: in the preferred model, the 14 diseases generated usd 14.5 billion in medical costs in 1999. roughly usd 10.7 billion was attributed to men and usd 3.8 billion to women.
Occupational traumatic injuries among workers in health care facilities — united states, 2012–2014. ahmed e. gomaa, md 1, loren c. tapp, md 1, sara e. luckhaupt, md 1, kelly vanoli 1, raymond francis sarmiento, md 1,2, william m. raudabaugh 1, susan nowlin 1, susan m. sprigg, mph 1 (author affiliations at end of text). in 2013, one in five reported nonfatal occupational
The estimate of costs of occupational diseases and injuries was between 128-155 billion usd in 2005. he concluded that the magnitude of occupational disease and injury is significant and underestimated. it has been estimated that about 35% of employees think that their health is negatively affected by work.

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