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OEM 32kw mobile x ray machine in New York

Carestream health, inc. has announced the launch of its new drx-revolution mobile x-ray system, which incorporates a number of improvements to existing portable x-ray systems.
Cut your tether for good with the enduras wireless portable x-ray system. lightweight, durable and easy to use, this is the mobile veterinary equipment you’ve been waiting for. with excellent image quality crucial to diagnostic imaging, the enduras wireless radiography system is your on-the-go solution. enduras, minxray’s most complete ...
Proximus medical provides x-ray equipment and other medical diagnostic systems to hospitals, clinics, private practice and many more facilities. proximus medical also provides nationwide service of your existing x-ray equipment as well as service contracts for new installations. contact us today to get started.
- refers to a responsive and responsible bidder who is working under an executed contract with new york state. 7. end-of-life (eol) equipment – refers to printing and imaging equipment products that may be nearing the end of their useful life or that an oem is no longer manufacturing, but which the oem continues to provide support. eol equipment

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