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OEM x ray device for imaging center

This page contains the release and beta version upgraders for apteryx software products and components. release versions have been beta-tested, validated, and approved for public distribution. while these updates may not contain the latest features and fixes, they do contain the latest builds that have been tested and validated, internally and in a clinical environment.
Oem patient care offers our customers and partners a single source for an extensive range of products and customization capabilities. our team is committed to designing, developing, and delivering high-quality medical components and devices to meet each specification, budget, and schedule. we have the solutions you need — from sterile to bulk ...
Biometric devices and software solutions including fingerprint scanner, face recognition, iris id, mobile biometrics for ios, biometrics consulting, and developer tools for biometric identification, security and access control by fulcrum biometrics.
X-mind prime is the latest addition to acteon’s panoramic and cbct digital imaging product line. it blends cutting-edge technology with ease of use in a compact design. with x-mind prime, high tech is at your fingertips with tools for accurate diagnosis and complete treatment planning.

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