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When you need portable, powerful, high-quality imaging equipment, minxray’s hf120/60hppwv powerplus™ mobile x-ray unit is the answer. the light weight, portable design houses the most powerful medical imaging system available, giving your practice a complete, portable radiography solution for any scenario.
Dec 06, 2016 · quality & quantity: quality refers to the overall energy of the beam as the x-ray beam is polyenergetic, any factors that increase or decrease the average energy of photons in the beam affect x-ray beam quality. quality is directly affected by, i.
Intelligent crisis management for first aid services and emergency medicine: or technology's digital x-ray machines and systems are modern and professional solutions for first class emergency medical care – any time, any place. whether you require cr systems or dr technologies for portable, mobile or stationary use, or technology's international service network with 80
The function of the x-ray generator is to produce a high voltage to be applied between the anode and cathode. high voltage can be produced from a low-voltage, alternating current (ac) supply (the mains) using a transformer to give the waveform in figure 1.5a. the time between peaks is 20 ms for the 50 hz mains frequency used in the uk.

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