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Mounted on the other end of the pedestal arm, the x-ray converter includes a scintillator, which is used with a microchannel-plate x-ray detector to produce electrons that are amplified by a factor of 1 million.the discriminator and level detector function as a gray-scale detector, selecting signal pulses based on amplitude to match the region of interest for the pipe material being inspected.
Jun 26, 2012 · 1. x-ray machine. 2.  an x ray machine is a complex device used in variety of circumstances around the world. with the ability to penetrate hard objects, they are used for purposes such as air port security check points to see into backs, or in the medical community to look for broken bones or problems within the body.
Performance specifications and acceptance testing of these components of radiological imaging systems. this report is divided into three parts relating to x-ray generators and automatic exposure control devices. the first part contains background information concerning the principles of operation of x-ray generators and

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