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double column digital x ray system price

Class i digital x ray machine panoramic dental xray china digital system xray equipment scanner panoramic dental medical x ray machine for oral use. us $10000-$80000 / set.
The tube head and collimator are smaller, lighter and better balanced, for easier use and faster positioning. this helps support quicker and more efficient exams, speeds workflow and enhances technologist productivity. plus, the revolution is powered by x-factor thinking, so you can share its drx detector across your facilityin other mobile ...
Mobile 40kw flex plus digital x-ray system. this portable x-ray system incorporates a telescopic column for safe and easy transport and effortless positioning. its small width makes it ideal for restricted spaces and corridors. perfect for hospitals, clinics, and university medical centers, it offers mobility and power-saving advantages.
X-ray is one kind of electromagnetic wave with strong penetrability that can even penetrate the steel plate with certain thickness. so it is usually utilized for fluoroscopic imaging of different objects. since 1895 when x-ray was discovered by wilhelm röntgen, the famous german physicist, it was firstly used in medical imaging and diagnosis.

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