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price for U Arm digital x ray system

Perform efficient digital radiography exams from almost anywhere in an exam room with the versatile otc system. highly automated and driven by customizable software, the system features a ceiling-mounted x-ray tube that moves about the room to treat patients while lying down, sitting or standing, including those in a wheelchair or gurney.
U-arm system components include a main column that is positioned flush with the wall, along with a compact x-ray generator, compact collimator and built-in enclosure that protects the panel during everyday use. this reduced footprint gives clinicians more space to maneuver for capturing images and treating patients. improved radiography workflow
The easyportable digital x-ray has been specifically developed for use in areas with high ambient temperatures and elevated humidity, like africa or south east asia. the compact system weighs only 65kg, but comes with a powerful (8kw) x-ray unit and canon detector, enabling high quality x-ray images at the lowpatient dose.
Konica 50kw u-arm orthopedic x-ray (other kw options available) can be combined with the dr solution best fit for your practice. motorized swivel arm with flat panel cabinet floor-to-wall mounted support with fully motorized “u” arm for all movements.

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