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professional vehicle use x ray machine in New York

Oct 13, 2015 · police commissioner bill bratton won’t let the nyclu — or anyone else — bully him for details on the nypd’s super-secret x-ray vans. police commissioner bill bratton david mcglynn. the top ...
A license to practice as a chiropractor shall not permit the holder thereof to use radio-therapy, fluoroscopy, or any form of ionizing radiation except x-ray which shall be used for the detection of structural imbalance, distortion, or subluxations in the human body.
Drive-by scanning: officials expand use and dose of radiation for security screening. from prisons to borders to the streets of new york, law enforcement officials are using x-ray scanners on people more often and with higher doses of radiation.
Operate a podiatric x-ray unit under the direct supervision of the podiatrist. nurses, nurse practitioners, secretaries, receptionists, physician assistants or respiratory therapists may not position patients, set techniques or expose patients unless they are licensed and currently registered as radiologic technologists with this department.

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