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OEM conventional x ray machine in New York

The model numbersof the x-ray tube insert and housing allow the identification of characteristics of the x-ray thermal tube. the serial number of an x-ray tube is important since x-ray tubes are replaced upon failure. the radiation output varies from one x-ray tube to another especially when the comparison is made between an old and new x-ray tube.
8. hitachi medical corporation. hitachi medical corporation (hitachi medical) manufactures and sells diagnostic imaging systems, including mri, diagnostic ultrasound, ct and x-ray systems. it also provides medical information systems and services. the company reported revenues of $2.1 billion during the fiscal year ended march 2012, showing an ...
The zoomax equine radiographic system allows for a wide range of desired exposures from the hoof to the head of the animal. the zoomaxequine radiographic system is a dual-column overhead tube crane system, highly specialized to provide the
Radiography systems innovative digital medical imaging and film systems. for more than 100 years, we have provided healthcare providers around the world with state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions. we offer more choice for x-ray equipment from general radiography to specialty practice applications like mammography and otolaryngology.

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