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professional U Arm digital x ray machine

Xraymachinemsl is a worldwide x ray machine x ray scanner suppliers. we offer chest x ray, x ray radiation, digital radiography, x ray film, mobile x ray, digital x ray, portable x ray, dental x ray machine, x ray unit, x ray machine parts, radiography equipment, small x ray machine, panoramic x ray machine, ct scan and so on.

Digital x-ray with fully motorised u-arm x-ray machine for use in field hospitals compact amadeo z x-ray systems are ideal for use in field hospitals (containers) as well as in military hospitals and medical military bases. the system is fully motorised, compact, and designed for
There are many types of newheek x-ray machines, such as c-arms, u-arms, double-columns, filmers and moving bedside machines. today, i will introduce you to the newheek x ray machine of u-arm. we all know that the u-arm consists of many components, mainly high-voltage generators, bulbs, beam limiters, high-voltage cables, grids (optional) and mechanical parts.

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