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high quality UC ARM DR 50kw x ray system in New York

The total integrated system combines modern technology of the high frequency x-ray generator with the flat panel technology for direct digital acquisition; all designed to give an user-friendly operator system and easy positioning of the patient, thanks to the fully motorized system with variable sid and anti-collision systems.

System, x-ray, stationaryproduct code kpr: product: philips essenta dr, x-ray system, diagnostic, general-purpose model: 712070. the essenta dr is a multifunctional stationary x-ray intended use from labeling): system, in which the swivel arm rotation, the vertical movement of the swivel arm and the sid adjustment are motorized.
•the x-ray generator product line is a completely integrated device that can be configured to operate any digital radio- graphic and fluoroscopic system in the world. console functions/features: the generator console communicates between the x-ray generator and the x-ray system and is the means by which the operator views and commands their ...

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