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high quality x ray device for imaging center

Micro c is a handheld imaging device. separation of the x-ray source and image intensifier obviates a bulky base or a heavy tether. by utilizing advanced, proprietary, patent-pending technology, the device can produce high-quality images without the need for external assistance.
You to provide quality control in medical imaging: ... x-ray systems as well as other systems that we maintain. we value the usability and high quality of the measurement device as well as the fast and competent service of iba dosimetry, especially regarding calibration and maintenance ...
The lowest radiation dose ct in the region. ct (or cat) scanners use x-rays to acquire images for examining tissue, bone, vascular structures, and internal organs. since radiation is always an issue in patient safety, umi was the first in western new york to introduce high-definition radiation dose-reducing ct scanners—for peace of mind you may not find at other imaging centers.

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