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Vehicle & container x-ray screening. homesolutionsvehicle & container x-ray screening. passenger vehicles and trucks and sea freight containers are often used as a means of transporting persons and smuggling contraband, such as explosives, narcotics and weapons across borders and into or out of facilities.
X-ray technology has allowed us to see inside the human body since 1895. see more modern medicine pictures. as with many of mankind's monumental discoveries, x-ray technology was invented completely by accident. in 1895, a german physicist named wilhelm roentgen made the discovery while experimenting with electron beams in a gas discharge tube.
Nov 21, 2012 · the x-ray system looks on the outside like a regular car wash, but in fact it holds the elements which help the border crossing people scan your whole car in a matter of seconds. called the z portal, this huge “backscatter” isn't a safety concern say officers.
Stationary vehicle and cargo x-ray inspection system dpt 7500lv portal x-ray inspection scanner was specially designed to be used at checkpoints in seaports, at the airports, at border crossings, vehicle checkpoints, warehouses of temporary storage and other objects, where the inspection of the cargo transport vehicle and cargo for the customs or security purposes is required.

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