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Mobile health clinic the freightliner sprinter’s modifications include interior seating and exam areas for doctors, nurses and patients, a room designed for blood testing, storage cabinets for medical supplies and surfaces that can easily be cleaned or disinfected.
We can custom design and build your mobile dental clinic from the chassis up. whether your goal is to increase patient care volume, enlarge a department or expand your service area, our mobile dental clinics will improve your overall service. we can customize any vehicle to fit your particular program and requirements.
Just like building a home, you can outfit your medical vehicle with top-of-the-line or bottom-of-the-line accommodations. because odulair specializes in mobile medical units, we line the interior walls with trespa, which has naturally antibacterial qualities and is the european standard for lining the walls of operating rooms and other facilities where sterility is paramount.
Mobile clinics: health where most needed, for those who need it ... two spaces in one: a general medicine and a dental office in a vehicle. know more... women's health. gynecologic office with mastography, ultrasound and mobile lab for an integral female exam. ... 35 of experience qualify us to design and manufacture mobile medical units with ...

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