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Customized UC Arm digital x ray system in New York

Mavig products mavig gmbh is a premier provider of personal radiation protection solutions, ceiling suspended surgical and exam lights and multi-monitor and lds suspension systems. whether you need radiation protective eye glasses, gloves or vital organ coverings and lead aprons, mavig has a full product line to choose from.
The zoomaxequine radiographic system is a dual-column overhead tube crane system, highly specialized to provide the perfect diagnostic imaging solution for equine health centers. our extensive experience in the field of radiography ensures that consistent, high-resolution images will be achieved from a durable system that is safe, efficient and user-friendly.
The domain awareness system is a surveillance system developed as part of lower manhattan security initiative in a partnership between the new york police department and microsoft to monitor new york city. it allows the nypd to track surveillance targets and gain detailed information about them, and is overseen by the counterterrorism bureau. the system is
Uc-arm digital x-ray radiography system(flat panel-dr); generator: 50kw, 0.1-630mas; tube: 0.6/1.2mm, 40-150kv, 300khu; detector: 17 x 17 inch, 9 megapixel; aec(automatic exposure system): measure the dose of x-ray used in real time operation within the

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