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Fluoroscopy is commonly used for observation of a. cardiovascular structures b. a surgical procedure c. the gi tract d. all of the above
A continuous x-ray beam is passed through the body part being examined, and is transmitted to a tv-like monitor so that the body part and its motion can be seen in detail. in a barium enema, fluoroscopy allows the radiologist to see the movement of the barium through the large intestine as it is instilled through the rectum.
X-ray fluoroscopy benefits and risks. there are minor risks associated with x-ray fluoroscopy because the procedure utilizes x-ray technology, which exposes patients to some amount of radiation. the amount of radiation exposure depends on the size of the patient and the length of the procedure. some potential adverse reactions include:
The x-ray shoe-fitting machine (fluoroscope) was a common fixture in american shoe stores during the 1930s-50s. in ads, the machines were touted as a new way to check the fit of a shoe, thereby “guaranteeing” that the shoes would be comfortable. children’s shoes were said to last longer because the fit could be more exact.

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