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For emergency room services, the facility provider should bill on a ub-04 or the electronic equivalent. emergency room payment hmsa’s payment for emergency room services is based on an all-inclusive rate that includes the emergency room staff, the use of the emergency room, associated medical or surgical supplies and pharmacy items.
Emergency medical/ behavioral health or substance abuse services family planning services home health hospice hospital services immunizations lab/x-ray maternity for inpatient hospital maternity and prenatal care mentally retarded and developmental disabilities (mrdd) waiver services newborn home visits non-emergency medical transportation
2.7 temperature during smoke control operation. when a supply air system is required to operate on 100% outside air during smoke mode operation, the system shall be designed with sufficient heating capacity to maintain a minimum of 45 degrees at the air handling unit discharge under the 99.6% winter design conditions.
Radiology room requirements are a paradox. imaging rooms require solid construction to support 1,000 pound overhead tube cranes as well as lead linings to contain x-ray scatter. yet they must be somewhat fluid to accommodate advances in imaging technology and new procedures that have a host of associated equipment.

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