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Customized DR x ray machine for sale

We can help you with your x-ray system requirements founded in 1987, we offer you unparalleled customer service, reasonable prices, and end-to-end project management to provide radiologic services that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. new, pre-owned, used, reconditioned x-ray and digital imaging equipment please fill out this short form and we
C-dr14x17hg+ retrofit chiropractic ccd system. 20/20 imaging brings 20/20 vision to your practice offering custom retrofit dr configurations to accommodate your facility with existing x-ray equipment. our latest dr technology is a giant leap forward, bringing the very latest technology of digital imaging to your practice.
Used & refurbished x-ray imaging equipment. associated x-ray imaging corp. sells used & refurbished x-ray imaging equipment from some of the leading manufacturers of medical imaging systems and supplies. these include but are not limited to: konica, canon, viztek, fuji, agfa, sony, quantum, del medical, summit/amrad, ge, and hitachi.
X-ray tube: rotating anode 16 degree low speed; dual focal spots: small focus 1.0 / large focus 2.0; dr panel. vivix-s 1717v wireless; customized dell workstation: cpu: intel i7 quad core processor; ram: 16gb ddr4; os: 256gb ssd; data: 1tb or 2tb raid1; 24" touchscreen monitor; warranty. 5 yearssystem, panel & workstation; 5 years (prorated ...

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