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ORICH Medical Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is the Sino-US joint venture by and between Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd and US Full State Group. It is a high-tech enterprise specializes in R&D and production of diagnostic radiology products.ORICH has gotten the quality system QSR820, ISO9001, ISO13485, YY/T0287; is awarded as honorable member of RSNA; qualified supplier of major project for National foreign aid; first recommend medical imaging enterprise to foreign market accepted by Commerce Department; qualified supplier of United Nation; and evaluation and recommendation enterprise by China Medical Equipment Association.ORICH product has gotten certificates, like FDA(USA), CE(EU), GOST(Russia), and CCC certificate, etc. ORICH Medical has committed itself to the advocating green healthcare, providing HD and micro-radiation products, caring for the health of doctors and patients as well as protecting environment and everyone.